Sample Policies
Important Note & Disclaimer:  A number of Wisconsin Public Housing Authorities (PHA) have been kind enough to allow the Wisconsin Association of Housing Authorities (WAHA) to post their policies on  The policies are offered in good faith but without a guarantee from the Housing Authority or WAHA that each is 100% compliant with the HUD guidelines or Wisconsin law.  HUD regulations and Wisconsin law are in the continuous process of change. It is the responsibility of each PHA using the policies to verify compliance with HUD regulations and Wisconsin law.  Your policies should meet your individual property and community needs.

Some policies have had the originators housing authority's name removed and replaced by a fictitious name.  In some cases, due to space limitations, the formatting of the document may have changed such as page or tab position.  The majority of the policies are in Microsoft Word document format. 

Green Bay
Policies A-G

Administrative Plans
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program-Example One
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program-Example Two

Admissions & Occupancy
Public Housing-Sample One
Public Housing-Sample Two  (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Admissions & Continued Occupancy
(VAWA info can be found in Sect. 9.3 last paragraph, & Sect. 19.2 (0) - definitions added:  Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Immediate Family Member, Stalking)

Agency Bylaws, Mission Statements,
Procedural Policies
Electronic Use
Mission Statement
Records Rentention & Disposition  New

Community Service
Community Service Exemption

Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention

Employee Handbooks
Example One

Equal Opportunity
Equal Opportunity Housing Plan

Excess Utilities, Cable & Satellite TV
Excess Utility & Cable Fees Policy

Finance, Inventory, Capitalization
Bond Issues

Grievance & Hearings
PH Grievance Procedures
Admission Hearing Procedure
Move-Out Hearing Procedure
Posted 3/27/14
From Sue Boettcher, Edgerton HA:

During a conference call with HUD, they discussed the new State of Wisconsin Regs on Domestic Violence. This needs to be added to our leases. Someone asked if a sample addendum could be added. I developed this one using the exact language from the statute. I also added a sample of the reference I am using in my lease to refer to the addendum that will be attached.

I sent this exact copy to Caleb. He OK’d it to be posted on WAHAONLINE. 

Domestic Violence
Lease Addendum