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About WAHA

WAHA's purpose is "To foster and promote low-rent public housing and other housing programs for low and moderate income families, including elderly and handicapped, which provide a physical and social environment for the benefit of both the family and the community."

Objectives to Support the Purpose are:

  • To provide a clearinghouse for the exchange of information and ideas concerning the development and management of housing programs and projects.
  • To implement low-rent public housing and other housing assistance programs which members are designated to be responsible for in Wisconsin.
  • To develop policies to aid members to plan, construct, administer and manage such housing projects and programs.
  • To identify and support (1) design which can contribute to the physical and social well being of residents, and (2) construction methods and materials selection which contribute to less rapid deterioration and lower maintenance costs of the structure.
  • To provide counseling and/or training programs when these relate to the housing programs for which members are responsible.
  • To encourage the provision of supportive programs and services for project residents by qualified public and private resources.
  • To promote public understanding of housing programs.
  • To identify problems of housing management officials and to implement educational programs to clarify issues and to aid with problem solving.
  • To provide, when needed, special training programs for members and to plan and implement educational programs or other types of programs to serve the Association purpose and objectives.

Eligibility & Membership

Active Member:

Any Housing Authority or Community Development/Redevelopment Authority which has a housing component which is legally organized according to Wisconsin Statutes is eligible for active membership.  All members of the board of commissioners, the executive directors, and management personnel shall be eligible to attend Association meetings and programs as representatives of the active member with whom they are associated.

Associate Member:

Associate members shall be in two classifications; (1) individuals and (2) organizations, agencies, associations, boards and similar bodies.  Applicants shall have business or professional interests of a nature related to the purpose and objectives of the association.